The Fetish of Silence: Art History Dissertation Proposal (MA Thesis)

Quiet, Reposed:
The Fetish of Silence and the Femme Fragile
Welcome to my art history thesis/dissertation proposal:
The Flowers of Evil: Paul Gauguin’s Decadent Imagination and the Concept and Culture of the Fin-de-Siècle

“The presence that rose thus so strangely beside the waters, is expressive of what in the ways of a thousand years men had come to desire. Hers is the head upon which all ‘the ends of the world are come,’ and the eyelids are a little weary. It is a beauty wrought out from within upon the flesh.”

– Walter Pater, The Renaissance (1873).

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“There is no more accurate documentation of the manner in which a culture perceives its moral and social mission than in the works of visual art it produces.”
– Bram Dijikstra, Idols of Perversity (1986).



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